We lend advice in the contracting of insurance polices, offering the most competitive company and the one that covers all your needs at any time.


We analyze and buy all kind of insurances

  • Particular insurances (houses, buildings, multi-risk, guarantee rentals)
  • Personal insurances (life, accident, illness, health, saving and pensions)
  • Business insurances (industry, commerce and premises, public liability, collective agreements, professional activities)
  • Vehicle and boat insurances


Accident department

In case of incidence with the risk you have insured with us, we have an accident department, from where you can process and manage it quickly and effectively; from the opening, follow up and closure of the accident procedure.


Insurance companies

We offer a wide range of insurance companies that allow us to cover all kinds of insurance. We mainly work with Allianz, Fiatc, Mapfre, Mutua de Propietarios, Ocaso, Zurich and Catalana Occidente.

  • Seguros Ocaso - Brisasol

  • Mutua de Propietarios - Brisasol

  • Seguros Mapfre - Brisasol

  • Seguros FIATC - Brisasol

  • Seguros Allianza - Brisasol

  • Seguros Catalan Occidente - Brisasol

  • Mussap