Real Estate Brokers

Brisasol Real Estate

Brisasol assesses promoters, owners, buyers and tenants in operations of property commercialization and we become the intermediaries in the purchase-sale, rental and transfer of property products:
  • Property sale and rental. New buildings and second hand.
  • Industrial and logistics. Industrial warehouses.
  • Commercial premises.
  • Offices.
  • Land.
We have an experienced team of professionals that will offer you complete assessment and management services in the property rental or sale.
  • Effective commercial management.
  • Commercial valuations. Knowledge of the market and real price valuations.
  • Adequate marketing and publicity resources for every product.
  • We formalize the sale and rental contracts.
  • Juridical and fiscal assessment in the closing of deals.
  • Analysis of the offer and demand. Sector perspectives and trends. Price and profitability studies.
  • Assessment to enhance profitability.
Would you like to sell or rent?