Rental and patrimony management

Brisasol Real Estate

  • Financial management

    • Issuing and collection of invoices
    • Control of nonpayments and extrajudicial claims
    • Elaboration of liquidations
    • Payment of costs
    • Guarnatees and endorsement management
    • Administrative management
    • Negotiations and elaboration of contracts
    • Follow-up of the application and execution of the contract clauses
    • Elaboration of annexes and resolutions
    • Proposals of the best insurance policies
    • Notification of accidents to the insurance policy
    • Follow-up, update and liquidation of the finance, endorsements and other guarantees handed by the tenant in case of termination of contract
    • Procedure of the cesion of the ownership of meters
    • Management and payment of taxes: PIT and VAT
  • Commercial Management

    • Publicity of the property
    • Search and selection of tenants

    Maintenance Management

    • Management of eventualities in case of repairs, actions and ordinary and extraordinary adjustments of the properties
    • Request of proposals to industrials. Follow-up and revision of the repairs